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Yikes, it’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything down!  Salsa dancing went well, it was so much fun!  However, I underestimated how difficult it was going to be.  I looked up the basic steps beforehand, to get a basic understanding, but when I arrived everyone was whirling and twirling all over the place!  A few friendly guys showed me a bit, but I most of the time they would say I wasn’t letting them lead properly.  The following Thursday there was free entrance to a popular bar, so Maria and Carolina and I decided to check it out!  Given that late-night transportation isn’t great here in Oslo, we ended our night pretty early (which was fine, because I had classes in the morning).  Friday I met up with a friend and hung out with some Norwegians!  They were very nice with putting up with my poor Norwegian, but of course everyone speaks English so well here, it was no problem to communicate.  I found that I had to defend being from America quite a bit, which wasn’t a big deal, actually.  I would say I did our country proud with making sure they didn’t stereotype us, and of course being sure to have plenty of witty comebacks to prove we’re not all dumb and slow.  You’re welcome, ‘murica.

Any who,  for my art class we took a tour of Henrik Vigeland’s apartment as well as the Vigeland museum- it was amazing to see how they made all the statues for Vigeland’s park  (which we walked through afterwards).  Tomorrow for art class we’re going to have a city walk, which our professor will explain the significance of all the architectural differences/similarities throughout the city.  The weather has been cold, but sunny, so it’s perfect fall weather J

Last weekend was Oktoberfest at Chateau Neuf- the student pub in town.  They had the German-style tent with the long tables and of course costumes were encouraged.  I tasted the yummiest beer I have ever had (which doesn’t say much, because I’ve only drank cheap, college-kid beer); it was Jacobsen Rose Wit- a mix of hard cider and beer, delicious for those who aren’t too fond of the rich, dark beers.

Last night I attended my first Opera with a friend from my Norwegian course!  “Fruen fra Havet” (“Lady from the Sea”), and yes, it was in Norwegian!  Luckily, they had a text screen so we could read what they were singing; we were both pretty surprised at how much we understood.  We of course read the synopsis beforehand so we had an idea of what was going on, but it was fun to put our Norwegian skills to the test!  Tonight we are having BI-nner; a dinner put on my BI, the business school here.  Maria goes there, so I get to go too. J

Last week I booked my trip to Brussels and Amsterdam!  Most of my friends here are European, so they came to Norway to see Norway, not Europe.  So, I decided why let that stop me, I’ll just go solo!  I’ve messaged a few people on Couchsurfing, but no replies yet- which isn’t the end of the world, I will just have to book a hostel.  My first couchsurfing experience was this past weekend, actually.  On the site, you have the option to offer a couch or simply to meet up for a coffee or a drink.  And since I live in such a small space, I signed up to meet for coffee.  So, last weekend I received two messages requesting to meet for a coffee! They were both American guys who were passing through for the weekend.  I showed them around the city a little bit, pointing out the Opera House, the Nobel Peace Prize center, etc.  I felt like a real Norwegian!  Hopefully by the time my family comes in November, I’ll have the city down pat and be a total expert on where to go and what to see and everything in between!

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