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Berlin, Germany Study Abroad Program
Freie University
Country: Germany
Location: Berlin
Language: English, German
Level(s): Undergraduate and Graduate
Subjects: American Studies, Intensive German language, all levels
Length: Academic year or semester
Cost: MSU tuition plus room and board in the host country
Deadline: March 1 for following fall semester and academic year October 1 for following spring semester

Program Overview

Freie Universität is one of Germany's premier institutions of higher education, founded in 1948, with an enrollment of around 32,000 students.  It has a strong international profile, featuring leadership in international education, a large percentage of foreign students and numerous partnerships with foreign universities.  The university is located in a charming, quiet section of Berlin, yet within easy reach of the city's downtown areas.

Academic Program

Students participating in the exchange will study at the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies.  The department offers English courses in a variety of subjects relating to American studies.  Students are encouraged to take intensive German language courses as well. 

In addition to the American Studies program, a Berlin European Studies Program, FU-BEST, is also offered at Freie University.  The program does not require knowledge of German prior to enrolment.  Each student will be required to take 6-8 cre dits of German language per semester, plus other non-language courses, mostly taught in Englis h by expert faculty.  Topics covered include: cultural studies, art history, comparativ e literature, German history, German and European politics, sociology, psychology, film studies, comparative religion, and philosophy. There is also a week-long excursion to Poland, Munich /Vienna, Dresden/Prague, Hamburg/Copenhagen or other destinations (varying from semester to semester).  For more information, visit

American Studies course listings can be found at the following website:

For more information about the JFK Institute for North American Studies, please visit:

Language of Instruction

Some courses are taught in English - mainly at the Kennedy Institute. Intermediate and advanced levels of intensive German language courses are offered. FU-Best offers beginners level classes.


Students who have completed one full academic year of university level work at MSU with a 3.0 GPA by the time they begin studies at Freie University are eligible. No prior German language is required.  American Studies majors are given priority for the exchange.


Academic Credit

Credit will be awarded at MSU for all courses taken and passed at Freie University. The student's academic advisor at MSU and the MSU Registrar, in consultation with the Office of International Programs, will determine how these credits will apply to degree course requirements. Students are urged to work closely with these offices prior to departure to plan a course of studies that will maintain steady progress toward their degree.


If you want to get a sense of the reunified Germany and the challenges of the post-Cold War era in a fast-changing Europe, there is really no better place to come to than Berlin. Located in the heart of Europe, this metropolis with some 3.4 million inhabitants will offer you unrivalled educational, intellectual, and cultural opportunities. There are also ample recreational opportunities in parks, forests, and many surrounding lakes. Either through the program or on your own, you will be able to become acquainted with many parts of Germany and Europe. A first-class public transportation network is available, plus convenient access to various destinations in Germany and throughout (Central) Europe. What is more, Berlin's rich museum landscape, its monuments and memorials, its concerts halls and opera houses, its stage and movie theaters, and its pubs and clubs boast a vibrant multicultural city life that never stops.

Cost and Included Benefits

Students receiving exchange placements at Freie University will pay tuition at MSU in the same amount as if studying in Bozeman. Each student is responsible for his/her room and board Freie University, as well as trans-Atlantic travel expenses. Remember to plan for extra expenses such as internal travel and personal spending money as well as for unexpected changes in the exchange rate. There are several scholarships available for studying abroad in Germany. For more information regarding study abroad scholarships, please contact Hilary Papendick ( in the Office of International Programs.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for study abroad at Freie University. Additional costs for study at Freie University (e.g. travel to and from the study site) may be used in calculating student's financial aid package. Students are responsible to apply to the Office of Financial Aid.


Applications are available in the Office of International Programs at 400 Culbertson Hall. Non-MSU students may contact Anna Greenberg(, to request application information.


Applications are due in the Office of International Programs on October 1 for the following spring semester and March 1 for the following fall semester and academic year.


Additional Information

For more information contact:

Anna Greenberg
Study Abroad Advisor
Office of International Programs
400 Culbertson Hall
Phone: 994-7151

To speak with a MSU Professor who has visited Berlin contact:

Dr. David Cherry
American Studies Director
Reid 418
Phone: 994-3532

Dr. Patricia Simpson
Dept of Modern Languages
Reid 328
Phone: 994-6443

Freie Universitat home page: