General Information

Student Engagement Global Ambassadors are the heart of involvement on campus. This course is designed to give engaged MSU students  the ability to practice and enhance skills learned abroad through purposeful and strategic outreach activities.  

SEGA Ambassadors will:

  • Promote engagement and Study Abroad opportunities at MSU to current students
  • Earn Intercultural Studies (ICS 492) credit
  • Gain public speaking, group work, and independent project proposal, execution, and evaluation experience
  • Be peer advisors
  • Make an important life-changing difference in the life of students 

Eligibility and Expectations:

  • Demonstrated significant involvement in student organizations and/or volunteer work 
  • Have completed study abroad experience with academic credit awarded through MSU or be a current international exchange at MSU (strongly prefered, but not required)
  • Be a full-time, enrolled undergraduate student (12 credit hours)
  • Attend trainings and meetings
  • Participate in engagement activities 
  • Present to various audiences including MSU Friday, Orientations, Classrooms, etc. 
  • Positively promote and represent study abroad
  • Respond to questions about student engagement and study abroad 
  • Be in good academic and judicial standing


  • 35-45 hours per semester
    • The time commitment is not evenly spread out during the semester - there will be times that are much busier than others
  • Drop-in peer mentoring hours for 2-hour block every week during the semester
  • One half day training at the start of the semester, typically scheduled the first Saturday of the term
  • Attend 4-6 class meetings throughout the semester 

Application process

  • SEGA Ambassador Fall 2016 applications are currently closed. Please check back at a later date for Spring 2018 application instructions. 


Contact Colin Moravec
Study Abroad Advisor 
+1 (406) 994-7151