Health and Safety While Studying Abroad

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Montana State University considers the health and safety of students while studying abroad one of its top priorities. While no organization or institution can guarantee the safety of participants, the risks can be significantly reduced if program staff, students, parents, and advisors at the host and home institutions all work together. Most professionals in the study abroad field tend to believe that study in a foreign country is no more dangerous than study in the United States, however, safety remains a prime concern for all involved.

Travel Health and Safety Classes

Important: All students studying abroad must attend one travel health and safety class prior to departure.

Check back for class dates during the Fall 2015 semester.

Alternative classes are offered in Student Health Services (Swingle Hall):


A Few Things To Keep In Mind

  • All students going abroad should educate themselves about cultural norms and local laws.
  • Students should stay informed about current events in the country and city where they will be living.
  • Communication plans should be created with loved ones at home prior to leaving.
  • Students are responsible for getting all appropriate vaccinations, medications, and international health insurance prior to studying abroad.
  • MSU study abroad participants are held responsible to the MSU Student Conduct Code while studying abroad.

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