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Jönköping, Sweden Study Abroad Program
Jönköping International Business School
Country: Sweden
Location: Jönköping
Language: English
Level(s): Undergraduate and Graduate
Subjects: Business majors only for exchange placements;
Other majors as "study abroad" students, See Academic Program Section
Length: Academic year or semester
Business majors selected for exchange placement: MSU tuition plus room and board in the host country. Other students: Jönköping tuition plus room and board in host country.
Deadline: March 1 for following fall, October 1 for following spring


Program Overview

Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) is one of three schools within the Jönköping University system. All JIBS activities have an international perspective and all teaching is carried out by means of an integrated method of working with problems and practical examples to illuminate each theory. Mandatory work experience also gives students the opportunity to integrate theoretical concepts with practical experience.

Academic Program

JIBS offers integrated bachelor/master degree programs in four disciplines: business administration, international economics, informatics, and business law, and Ph.D. programs in business administration, commercial law, economics, and political science. All instructional programs emphasize practical experience, realistic problem solving, and entrepreneurship.

Language of Instruction

All courses are taught in English.


Students who have completed one full academic year of university level work at MSU with at least a 3.0 GPA are eligible.

Academic Credit

Credit will be awarded at MSU for all courses taken and passed at JIBS. The student's academic adviser at MSU, in consultation with the Office of International Programs will determine how these credits will apply to degree course requirements. However, successful study at JIBS satisfies MSU's Multicultural/Global core curriculum requirement. Students are urged to work closely with their adviser and the Office of International Programs prior to departure to plan a course of studies which will maintain steady progress toward their degree.



Jönköping is Sweden's ninth largest city with a population of 115,000. It is situated on the southern shores of Lake Vättern. Lying 94 miles east of Gothenburg, 200 miles southwest of Stockholm, and 188 miles north of Copenhagen, Jönköping is the transportation and communication hub in southern Sweden. The city has the charm and friendliness of a small town while also offering the entertainment and activities of a large city.

Not only is the city rich in culture and history, but it is also a recreational destination.  Jönköping offers a wide variety of entertainment, outdoor activities, restaurants, hotels, shops, sandy beaches, culture, a cozy atmosphere, and friendly people. There is a new concert hall, several theaters, plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs. The beautiful surrounding countryside - with forests, hills, and several lakes - offers a variety of leisure activities. In and around the town you will find many sport facilities such as one of the largest swimming pool complexes in northern Europe.

The central location of JIBS makes commuting simple. Bicycles are a very popular transportation mode and there is an excellent system of bicycle paths throughout the city, suburbs, and along the lake.

Cost and Included Benefits

Business students who receive exchange placements at JIBS will pay tuition at MSU in the same amount as if studying in Bozeman. Business students who are not awarded exchange placements and students with other majors will need to pay the "study abroad" fee to attend JIBS. (Visit the International Opportunities Resource Center for more information about this fee.) Each student is responsible for his/her room and board in Sweden as well as trans-Atlantic travel expenses. Remember to plan for extra expenses such as internal travel and personal spending money as well as for unexpected changes in the exchange rate.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for study abroad at JIBS. Additional costs for study at JIBS (e.g. travel to and from the study site) may be used in calculating students' financial aid packages. Students are responsible to apply to the Office of Financial Aid.


Applications are available in the Office of International Programs at 400 Culbertson Hall.


Applications are due in the Office of International Programs on March 1 to study at JIBS the following fall, and October 1 for the following spring.


Additional Information

For additional information on study at JIBS, contact:

Anna Greenberg
Study Abroad Advisor
Office of International Programs
400 Culbertson Hall
Phone: 994-7151

For information from JIBS contact:

Chantal Coté (Ms)
Director, Head of International Office
Jönköping International Business School
Box 1026, Gjuterigatan 5
551 11 Jönköping, Sweden
tel: +46 36 101715,
Mob: +46 703 79 17 10,
fax: 46-36-302141

For WWW information on JIBS: