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New Zealand

Massey Study Abroad Program
Massey University
Country: New Zealand
Location: Auckland, Palmerston North, and Wellington (Located on the North Island)
Language: English
Level(s): Undergraduate and Graduate
Subjects: Most majors- see Academic Program section
Length: Academic year or semester
Cost: MSU students selected for exchange placement pay MSU tuition plus room and board in the host country. All other students, both MSU and non-MSU, have the option to go through CCIS. For MSU students paying out-of-state tuition, the CCIS program fee is currently less than MSU out- of-state tuition.
Deadline: MSU student applications are due in the Office of International Programs on October 1 for the following spring semester (February – July) and Southern Hemisphere academic year (February – November) and March 1 for the following fall semester (July to November) to study at the University of Canterbury.

Non-MSU student CCIS applications are due in the Office of International Programs on November 1 for the spring semester (February – July) and Southern Hemisphere academic year (February – November) and April 15 for the following fall semester (July to November).

NOTE: New Zealand follows the Southern Hemisphere calendar. The New Zealand academic year runs from February to November. The first semester at Canterbury runs from February to July, and the second semester runs from July to November.


Program Overview

Massey University is one of New Zealand's leading educational institutions with three campuses in the North Island.  The campuses, located in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington offer a variety of different academic and social atmospheres to suit different student preferences and academic needs.  New Zealand is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and offers countless opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, and water sports near all three campuses. 

Academic Program

Massey has a reputation of academic excellence and leadership across a wide range of disciplines and is, for example, New Zealand’s premier and largest institution for agricultural and horticultural teaching and research.  Study Abroad students can select from a wide range of courses across the five Colleges: Business; Education; Creative Arts; Humanities & Social Sciences; and Sciences. 

The University’s strengths include Aviation, Biotechnology, Communication, Environmental & Ecological studies, Forestry, Food Technology, Genetics, Human Nutrition, Psychology, Performance Jazz, Sociology and Sports Studies. The School of Design at Massey is New Zealand’s oldest and most prestigious design school and has a reputation for excellence in international quality art and design education.  New Zealand-focused subjects of particular interest to recent students include: Maori Visual & Performing Arts, NZ Fauna & Flora, NZ Environmental Issues, Plate Tectonics & NZ Geology, Mid-Twentieth Century Aotearoa/ NZ Literature, Maori Language, Defense Studies, and the New Zealand Economy. 

For course information, visit the following website.  Please note courses in New Zealand are called "papers."

Language of Instruction

All courses are taught in English.


Students who have completed one full academic year of university level work at MSU with a 3.0 GPA by the time they begin studies at Massey University are eligible.

Academic Credit

Credit will be awarded at MSU for all courses taken and passed at Massey University. The student's academic advisor at MSU and the MSU Registrar, in consultation with the Office of International Programs, will determine how these credits will apply to degree course requirements. Students are urged to work closely with these offices prior to departure to plan a course of studies that will maintain steady progress toward their degree.  

Non-MSU students participating in the CCIS program are urged to work closely with the Study Abroad Advisor at their home university for information on transferring credits, financial aid, and application procedures.



Palmerston North




Explore New Zealand’s beautiful North Island at one of Massey University’s three campuses:

Auckland: New Zealand’s largest cosmopolitan city is an urban environment within close proximity of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and several stunning islands.  It offers sub-tropical climate is an excellent location to study for city and ocean lovers.

Based on the North Shore of Auckland, the Massey University Albany campus has 6,500 students and offers modern, Spanish architectural style buildings in a unique atmosphere highly conducive to studying.

Palmerston North: the founding home of Massey University, is set amongst beautiful park-like grounds and offers students a university lifestyle like no other.  This 10,000 student campus is a center for excellent education, with several research institutions.   

This vibrant, young person’s city, with the highest student population per capita in New Zealand, offers affordable housing, great bars and restaurants, live theatre, sporting centers, and indoor pools.  For the adventurous, there are challenging mountain bike tracks, bungi-jumping, river kayaking and equestrian facilities. Students at the Palmerston North campus love the Massey Alpine club which organises rock and ice-climbing trips, cheap ski-lodging at Mt Ruapehu, and more…The campus is conveniently located near west coast beaches, skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Ruapehu, and is a 90 minute drive from Wellington. 

Wellington: is known as the creative campus and is fitting for the culture and lifestyle of the residents of the Capital city.  Wellington is the geographical, political and cultural center of New Zealand.  It is located between a beautiful harbor and rolling green hills and offers an unforgettable city experience in a natural setting.  

The Wellington campus is located in the heart of the city with a population of approximately 5,500 students.  A diverse, lively and fun place to live and study, the campus is conveniently located within walking distance of trendy cafes and ethnic restaurants, bars, theatres, museums, the Basin Reserve cricket ground, and the Westpac Stadium, where you can watch the All Blacks play!

Cost and Included Benefits

MSU students receiving exchange placements at Massey University will pay tuition at MSU in the same amount as if studying in Bozeman. All other students, both MSU and non-MSU, pay the CCIS program fee to attend Massey University. For MSU students paying out-of-state tuition, the CCIS program fee is currently less than MSU out-of-state tuition. Information about current CCIS program costs is available in the International Opportunities Resource Center and by contacting Amy Johnson (

Each student will be responsible for his/her own room and board in New Zealand as well as trans-Pacific travel expenses. Remember to plan for extra expenses such as internal travel and personal spending money as well as for unexpected changes in the exchange rate. There are several scholarships available for studying abroad.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for study abroad at Massey University. Additional costs for study at Massey (e.g. travel to and from the study site) may be used in calculating student's financial aid package. Students are responsible to apply to the Office of Financial Aid.


All applications are online and can be found on the MSU study abroad page.


Applications are due in the Office of International Programs on October 1 for the following spring semester and March 1 for the following fall semester and academic year.

Additional Information



For additional information contact:

Anna Greenberg
Study Abroad Advisor
Office of International Programs
400 Culbertson Hall
Phone: 994-7151

To speak with MSU faculty/staff members who have been to New Zealand, contact:

Professor Michael Wells
Mechanical Engineering
Phone: 994-6288

Professor Clark Llewelleyn
Phone: 994-4255

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