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Montpellier, France Study Abroad Program
Université Paul Valéry
Country: France
Location: Montpellier
Language: French (2 years college level required)
Level(s): Undergraduate
Subjects: Most Majors; See Academic Program Section
Length: Semester or Academic year
Cost: $3,400 Semester or $5,790 Year plus room/board
Deadline: March 1 for the following fall; October 1 for the following spring

Program Overview

Université Paul Valéry (otherwise known as Montpellier III) offers a unique opportunity for MSU students to enroll in a premier French university located in one of France's most beautiful and historic cities located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Students will study for a full academic year in Montpellier. The program also includes a special three week intensive French language and orientation program prior to the start of the academic year.

Academic Program

The academic program will begin with an intensive three-week French language and orientation program organized from mid-august by the IEFE (Institut d'etude du Francais pour Etrangers) before the academic year begins. During the regular academic year students will be able to take regular courses at Université Paul Valéry. Courses are available in Economics and Economic Administration; Humanities and Environmental Sciences (biology, geography, history, history of art and archaeology); Languages, Literature and Area Studies (Anglo-American, German, Modern Greek, Oriental, Romance, Semitic, Slavic and Turkish); Letters, Arts, Philosophy and Languages (art, audiovisual, classical literature, drama, linguistics, modern literature, music, philosophy); Social Sciences (social psychology, psychology, ethnology, sociology); Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences.

In addition to those integrated courses, students will also be offered special courses set up by the international relations office in Methodology, Literature, French as a Foreign Language, History etc. these courses are specially designed to suit American students but cannot replace regular courses.

Language of Instruction

All classes will be taught in French, with the exception of the courses taught in the Department of English. Two years of college-level French or equivalent proficiency is required.


Students with the language proficiency noted above who have completed two full academic years of university level work at MSU with a 3.0 GPA by the time they begin studies in Montpellier are eligible.


Academic Credit

Credit will be awarded at MSU for all courses taken and passed at Université Paul Valéry. The student's academic adviser at MSU, in consultation with the Office of International Programs, will determine how these credits will apply to degree course requirements. However, successful study at Montpellier satisfies MSU's Multicultural/Global core curriculum requirement. Students are urged to work closely with the their adviser and the office prior to departure to plan a course of studies which will maintain steady progress toward their degree.


Montpellier is a city of 250,000 located in the south of France on the Mediterranean coast. It is an ancient university town with much commercial and tourist activity. Although a large city, Montpellier is heavily influenced by its several universities, providing an exciting array of cultural activities for students. Montpellier is on major train lines, providing access to many other major points of interest within France and Europe as a whole.

Cost and Included Benefits

Students who are selected to participate in the program at Université Paul Valéry will pay $5,790 for the entire year. This fee includes: all tuition and fees associated enrolling in regular courses at Université Paul Valéry, a special three week intensive French language and orientation program prior to the start of the academic year, enrollment in special Support courses during the academic year offered by the Office of International Relations, and special advising services for foreign students provided by the staff of the international relations (one Administrative advisor and one academic advisor). Students will also be guaranteed a place in university dormitories, provided they apply for a Dorm as early as possible. However, the cost of room and board is not included in the program fee (nor is it included during the pre-session in August). In addition, participants must meet their own expenses for trans-Atlantic travel. Remember to plan for extra expenses including internal travel and personal spending money as well as for unexpected changes in the exchange rate.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for study abroad at Université Paul Valéry. Additional costs for study at Montpellier (e.g. travel to and from the study site) may be used in calculating student's financial aid package. Students are responsible to apply to the Office of Financial Aid.

Immigration Information

Please note that current immigration requirements for the French student visa include a personal interview at the French consulate in your state's jurisdiction and registration with Campus France.  Montana students are required to interview at the San Francisco consulate. 

Campus France:


Applications are available in the Office of International Programs at 400 Culbertson Hall. Non-MSU students may contact Anna Greenberg(, to request application information.


Applications are due in the Office of International Programs on March 1 to study in Montpellier the following fall.


Additional Information

For additional information on study in Montpellier, contact:

Anna Greenberg
Study Abroad Advisor
Office of International Programs
400 Culbertson Hall
Phone: 994-7151

Montpellier Home Page: