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Anna Greenberg - Study Abroad Advisor and Outreach Coordinator

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Susan Benne - Study Abroad Coordinator

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Alyson Roberts - CCIS Advisor and Coordinator

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Jayme Kreitinger
Jayme Kreitinger

Jayme Kreitinger
Study Abroad Coordinator
(406) 994-5719

Jayme graduated from Montana State University in 2006 with a degree in Modern Languages and studied abroad through MSU to both AUI in Morocco, as well as Salamanca, Spain. After graduation Jayme continued her Arabic studies at the University of Jordan, and also worked for International Programs at the University of Malaga in Spain.

At the OIP, Jayme is the Coordinator for U.S. students seeking the opportunity to study abroad. She manages the study abroad programs and assists students with the administrative and logistical aspects of going abroad.


Study Abroad Staff


Susan Benne, Montana State University Study Abroad

Susan Benne

Education Abroad Coordinator

Susan Benne is the Education Abroad Manager at Montana State University. She works with both incoming and outgoing exchange students as well as institutional partnerships. Her passion for international education began in high school when she was a Rotary exchange student for a year. Originally from Ohio, she earned her bachelor of arts degree in East Asia Studies from Wittenberg University. Prior to joining the Office of International Programs she worked at Wittenberg University in enrollment management and curriculum integration. Susan is a currently completing her Masters in Adult and Higher Education at MSU.  Her research focus is on faculty development through international experiences.   

Anna Greenberg, Montana State University Study Abroad

Anna Greenberg

Study Abroad Advisor & Outreach Coordinator

Anna Greenberg is the Study Abroad Advisor and Outreach Coordinator for Montana State University.   During a trip to remote villages in Mexico in high school, Anna began her love of travel and Spanish which she continued into college.  Anna studied abroad in Spain and earned bachelor’s degrees in Communication Studies and Spanish from Winona State University.  After moving to Montana, Anna worked in Residence Life and earned her Master’s degree in Adult Education from MSU.



Alyson Roberts, Montana State University Study Abroad

Alyson Roberts

CCIS Study Abroad Advisor & Coordinator

Alyson earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree with a major in History and a minor in Religion from Colorado College. During her junior year at CC, she studied abroad in Pune, India and has since returned to visit her Indian family and explore more of the country that she loves so dearly. Alyson moved to Bozeman in May 2011 from New Mexico and is working on earning a Master of Arts in Public Administration through Montana State University. Bitten by the travel bug, Alyson’s next destination is a toss-up between Ireland and Cambodia, but is always open to suggestions. Coordinating the CCIS programs sponsored by MSU, Alyson also advises interested MSU students in the myriad of study abroad programs available.