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Study Abroad Frequently Asked Questions



Q: When is the best time to study abroad?
A: Students must complete their freshman year, but it is never too early to start planning. Most students study abroad during their sophomore or junior years depending on their major. Students who are planning on studying abroad at some time during their undergraduate career should consult with their academic advisor for more information from their departments.

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Q: Do I need to know a foreign language to study abroad?
A: No. MSU has many English-speaking programs, including some in non-English-speaking countries, as well as programs designed to help you learn a foreign language at any level.

Students who wish to take courses in a foreign language must complete 4 semesters or university level language (or the equivelant).

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Q: Will it take me longer to graduate if I study abroad?
A: In most cases students do not need to delay their graduation in order to participate. MSU students can get full credit and maintain regular progress toward their degrees while studying abroad by meeting with their academic advisor and completing the Study Abroad Course Approval Form. Careful planning and completion of paperwork prior to studying abroad is essential to ensure that you receive the most academic credit for your studies abroad.

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Q: How do I decide how long to study abroad?
A: Year long, semester, summer, and short-term programs are available.  Students should discuss their options with a study abroad advisor and academic advisor.

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Q: How much does it cost to study abroad?
A: Cost depends on the program.

  • MSU DEX (Direct Exchange) programs are the same price as MSU tuition and fees.  Students pay MSU tuition fees as if they were attending MSU.  Room and board is paid in the country the student is studying abroad and varies from country to country.
  • ISEP Exchange programs are the same price as MSU tuition and fees and MSU room and board.
  • ISEP Direct programs have varying cost based on the program.  Details about program cost can be found on their website.
  • CCIS programs have varying cost based on the program.  Details about program cost can be found on their website.

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Q: What scholarships or financial aid is available to study abroad?
A: Financial aid and most scholarships are generally applicable especially to MSU-approved study abroad programs. There may be additional scholarships available to qualified students. Please contact Study Abroad if there is anything you need from them to complete a scholarship.
Students eligible for financial aid usually may apply this aid to study abroad as long as the student will be receiving credit at MSU for their study abroad. All students receiving financial aid should see both the Study Abroad Advisor and their Financial Aid Officer to complete a Budget Form.

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Q: What about health and safety while studying abroad?
A: Health and safety is a top priority for study abroad. Be sure to educate yourself about travel warnings, cultural norms, and current events prior to studying abroad.  Click here for more resources on health and safety while studying abroad.

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Q: How can I find out more about studying abroad?
A: Students can attend an information session that is held weekly during the semesterat 4:00pm in 400 Culbertson Hall or set up an advising appointment to meet one on one with a study abroad advisor.