Montana State University

China: Geography, Culture, Economics

A geographical, cultural and Economic Perspective


Location: Beijing, Xi'an, Guiyang, Shanghai


Dates: May 2014

Eligibility: undergraduate


Courses Offered: GPHY 290r  or GPHY 490r (students select one or the other)

Credits: 6

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Program Overview:  China is an amazing country in transition..  The diversified landscapes, the huge population,  the rich cultural heritage, the rapidly growing economy, and the stratiegic significance of its western Pacific lcocation, all combine to make China important to the world community generally and to Americans in particular because of geographical proximity.  Visiting China will open your eyes and widen the horizon of your knowledge about the world.  Come join us for an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Instructor:  Jian-Yi Liu, Associate Professor of Geography


For more Information:

Jian-Yi Liu: 994.6905;

kevin Brustuen (OIP):  994.7512;