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Scholarship and Funding Sources

Summer Programs, 2012

Getting your study abroad trip financed is not is difficult as you may think.  There are many sources available to help fund year-long, semester-long, and short term study abroad programs.   The earlier you begin work researching, the better chances you have of getting financing.   At the bottom of this page are some practical hints for your search for obtaining funds for your study abroad.. 


General Opportunities

These funding sources are available for all applicants to MSU Summer programs.


Institute of International Education Study Abroad Funding

Institute of International Education: a searchable database of hundreds of grants and scholarship databases.


Japanese Language

Association of Teachers of Japanese contains a number of scholarship opportuniites ranging from short term summer to year-long or semester-long programs.


International Study Abroad Scholarships

DiversityAbroad offers a searchable datebase of many different fund sources.  Select the criteria for the programs you are interested in, and go.


Languages and Cultures

World Languages provides a large listing of scholarship and granting sources, focused on languages.  These programs focus primarily on semester or year-long programs, there are some that fund short term and summer programs.



MSU Students

The following links are for MSU enrolled students only.   If you are interested in enrolling in one of our summer study-abroad programs and are not an MSU studfent, you can seek funding from your own institution.


Undergraduate Scholarship Program MSU Undergraduate Research Program.


Financial Aid

MSU Financial Aid: the web page for MSU financial aid office.


Letters and Science

Letters and Science Scholarships: scholarships specific to MSU students in Letters and Science




Hints for Finding Funding

  • Arrange to sublet your apartment while you're gone
  • Offer to let a friend or relative use your car in exchange for making a payment for you while you're gone
  • Look into alternative student loans
  • Shop around early for airline tickets.  Online does not always give the best bargains: consider travel agents, newspaper ads, travel clubs and organizations
  • Ask a relative for a low or no interest loan
  • Identify professional organizations in the field of study you're interested in, and see if they have any grants or scholarships available
  • Contact local heritage organizations for funding, particularly if you're traveling to a region relevant to that organization's interest
  • Check with your advisor about any special programs they might know about may be funding sources




Additional Information

For additional information about scholarship and funding for your summer program, contact: