Montana State University


Scotland: Highland Inspiration

June 24 to July 2, 2013

Program Coordinates: 58° 18' 0" North, 3° 18' 0" West

Location: Northland Creative Glass, Lybster, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dates: June 24th - July 2nd

Eligibility:  Undergraduate and Graduate

Prerequisites:  ARCH 241, Instructor Interview

Courses Offered: Arch 543

Credits:  3

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Program Overview:

Location and Self – An International Student Symposium

                        Our idea of self is rooted in a sense of place and is formed by our immediate surroundings and traditions. Location inherently affects the ideas we have and the work we create. How often do we actually consider this relationship between location and our work and what can happen to that work when out artistic identity and creative processes are relocated into a new and different place and tradition.

                        Focusing on an experimental and open-minded approach to workin and utilizing writing, drawing, model making, and by creating objects and small installations, participants will test and question their ideas against the North Lands’ environment and each other. A very significant and integral component of the experience will be group communication and each participant will be encouraged to the exchange points of view both as makers and viewers during daily exchanges of ideas and perspectives.

                        Expansive globalization has made the exchange of ideas, beliefs, and experiences, more relevant than ever. Coming together with students and instructors of diverse backgrounds through an international, intercultural Symposium is a perfect way to view the world and your work in a fresh light, to gain new life experience, and to advance your conceptual and practical skills with the experienced guidance of internationally respected educators. To love what you are doing and to be involved in such a special and exciting program will make the effort to come to North Lands well worth it!

                        This course will unite a dozen students from three different Universities, each having a unique skill set, in order to discuss and explore the medium of glass, exposing issues between "Location and Self".

Instructor:  Heath (Tad) Bradley, Department of Architecture, Montana State University

For More Information: 

Heath (Tad) Bradley; Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Architecture, MSU



 Kevin Brustuen, Coordinator Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs, Office of International Programs, MSU