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Tubingen, Germany Study Abroad Program
Eberhard-Karls Universität
Country: Germany
Location: Tübingen
Language: German and some English
Level(s): Undergraduate and Graduate
Subjects: Most Majors; See Academic Program section
Length: Academic year or semester
Cost: March 1 for following fall semester; October 1 for following spring semester

Program Overview

Eberhard-Karls Universität is one of the oldest and most respected universities in Germany. It was founded in 1477 and over its history has hosted many of the great minds of European thought, including Hegel, Holderlin, Kepler, Schelling, and Hesse. Today Tübingen remains one of Europe's outstanding research and teaching institutions in one of the most beautiful towns in Germany. The town of Tübingen and the university are inseparably connected throughout history. Founded over 1,500 years ago by the Alemanni, Tübingen is truly the university town of Germany. The student body is around 23,000, of which 2,500 are foreign students. Tübingen has the feeling of an international community, with students, professors, and researchers from around the globe gathered there. It was named Germany's most livable city, and is a unique blend of old and new creating a stimulating place to live and study.

Academic Program

Tübingen is a comprehensive university, offering instruction through more than 20 departments and institutes. There is an optional, but highly recommended, five week Language and Orientation Program offered before classes begin in the fall. Classes are offered in subjects such as Theology, Law, Economics and Business Administration, Philosophy, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Modern Language, History, Cultural Sciences, Math, Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Biology, and Geoscience. The Medical Program is one of the top programs in Germany and has produced many Nobel Prize winning scholars, the most recent being Dr. Guenter Blobel in 1999 for his work on cells. For more information on departments at Tübingen, please see the university website at

Language of Instruction

Language proficiency in German is recommended but not required. Courses are primarily taught in German. There are, however, some courses taught in English, especially in the Business and Political Sciences Departments. Tübingen does offer special courses in German as a foreign language to students wishing to improve their skills in the language. It may be possible, in some cases, for graduate students wishing to pursue research in certain fields to conduct their studies in English.


Students who have completed one full academic year of university level work at MSU with a GPA of 3.0 by the time they begin studies at Tübingen are eligible. Two years of college-level German or equivalent proficiency is recommended.


Academic Credit

Credit will be awarded at MSU for all courses taken and passed at Tübingen. The student's academic advisor at MSU and the MSU Registrar, in consultation with the Office of International Programs, will determine how these credits will apply to degree course requirements. Students are urged to work closely with these offices prior to departure to plan a course of studies that will maintain steady progress toward their degree.


Tübingen is a small university city of about 85,000 people approximately 40 miles south of Stuttgart in southern Germany. Tübingen is practically equidistant from Vienna, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, and Rome and was selected as Germany's "most livable" city. The town borders the northern edge of the Black Forest, home to Germany's famous Cuckoo Clocks and cherry cake. It is one of Germany's few remaining medieval cities and is a center for Swabian culture. The very idyllic town center features a castle, built in the 15th century, and winding cobble stoned lanes with gabbled half-timbered houses.

The city of Tübingen and the university sponsor numerous cultural events including music, theater, and cinema. Sports activities and events are organized by the University's Sportinstitut. The Institute offers a wide range of opportunities for group activities, from aerobics and weightlifting to karate and mountain biking. Tübingen is near excellent ski areas, and ski trips are regularly arranged by various groups. Some of the most popular sports activities are hiking and cycling in the forested hills around Tübingen. The Schönbuch, a large, protected State forest, is located just north of town, and the countryside is laced with quiet trails.

Cost and Included Benefits

Students who receive an exchange placement at Tübingen will pay tuition at MSU in the same amount as if studying in Bozeman. Each student will be responsible for his/her own room and board in Germany as well as transatlantic travel expenses. Remember to plan for extra expenses such as internal travel and personal spending money as well as for unexpected changes in the exchange rate. There are several scholarships available for studying abroad in Germany.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid may be used for study abroad at Tübingen. Additional costs for study at Tübingen (e.g. travel to and from the study site) may be used in calculating student's financial aid package. Students are responsible to apply to the Office of Financial Aid directly.


Applications are available in the Office of International Programs at 400 Culbertson Hall. Non-MSU students may contact Anna Greenberg(, to request application information.


Applications are due in the Office of International Programs on March 1 to study at Tübingenthe following fall semester, and October 1 for the following spring semester.


Additional Information

For more information about studying at Tübingen contact:

Anna Greenberg
Study Abroad Advisor
Office of International Programs
400 Culbertson Hall
Phone: 994-7151

To speak with an MSU Professor who has visited Tübingen, contact,

Dr. Michael Myers
Dept of Modern Languages
Reid 328
Phone: 994-6448

For information from Tuebingen contact:

Michael Gruenwaldt
Akademisches Auslandsamt
Nauklerstrasse 14 D
72074 Tübingen
Phone: (70 71) 297 64 48
Fax: (7071) 297 54 04

Tübingenn's Homepage:
Tübingen Information for Exchange Students: