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Training Programs

Janelle Rasmussen, Director

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LEAP Staff

Office of International Programs

Dr. Norman Peterson - Executive Director, Office International Programs

Norm has been involved in the LEAP program since its inception in 1996.  He is responsible for its overall design and curriculum, oversees all aspects of the program, and is the lead colloquium instructor.

Janelle Rasmussen - Director, Training and Special Programs

Janelle is responsible for all day-to-day LEAP activities, in addition to budget management, schedule development, advising, MSU and practicum internship arrangements, and logistic support.  Janelle has worked in the Office of International programs since 2001 and has been the logistical coordinator for the past LEAP programs.

Makiko Diehl - Program Coordinator, Training and Special Programs

Yvonne Rudman - LEAP Colloquium and Practicum Coordinator

A.C.E. Language Institute

Shinji Moriyama - President, ACE-Japan

Shinji manages LEAP program logistics in Japan, to include participant pre-departure and end-of-program meetings, and liaison activities between ACE, MSU, and MEXT.

David B. Woodward, M.A., M.Ed.

David is the President and Chief Executive Office of American Cultural Exchange, based out of Seattle, Washington.  He has been involved in the LEAP program since its inception in 1996. He will serve as A.C.E.'s overall project leader for LEAP.

Mary Ulrich - Director, ACE-Bozeman

Mary oversees all ACE Language Institute operations and is in charge of the LEAP program’s English language instruction program.