A.  Permitted limits are:

  1. Adults - whole body, legs, gonads, bone marrow
    1. Single dose - 3 Rem
    2. Annual dose - 5 Rem
  2. Adults - other organs
    1. Single dose - 5 Rem
    2. Annual dose - 15 Rem
  3. Children under 18 years of age - 10% of adult dose

B.  Check with radiologist for each test [e.g. One (1) chest x-ray or other frames = 0.05 Rads]

"The radiation that you will receive in this study is ____ (% or fraction) of the amount permitted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Radioactive Drug Research (per year or per study). The more radiation that you receive over the course of your life, the greater the risk of having cancerous tumors or of inducing changes in genes. The changes in genes possibly could cause abnormalities or disease in your future offspring.  The radiation in this study is not expected to greatly increase this risk, but the exact increase in such risks is not known.  Women who are or could be pregnant should receive no unnecessary radiation and should not participate in this study."

 "The test will be carried out on _____ (number) occasions."