Bozeman - Home away from home

Information about Bozeman City:

Bozeman with a population of about 60,000 is located in heart of Rocky Mountains. A small town with a cradle of diverse culture and communities Bozeman prides itself in living in perfect harmony with nature.


For people coming directly from India, Bozeman is a cold place to live in especially in winter, whereas summers are normally warm with average temperatures reaching 80 F.

Average temperatures:

Winter : -6C / 20 F (min = 1F)
Summer : 26C / 80 F (max= 100F)
Although with one winter session, students usually don't feel cold, and usually complain of Summer temperatures!!


Bozeman DOES NOT have any Indian grocery store, please bring your own stock of Indian spices and pickles you like to eat. Although Indian spices can be bought via Internet or your relatives living in major cities.

Although vegetables are widely available in Bozeman stores, you will not get wide varieties as available in India. Lentils are usually not available or are expensive; these can be brought from internet too. Rice is generally available. Wheat flour is usually available if you can afford time to make chapattis.

How to reach Bozeman:

Bozeman is not connected by International direct flights. It is connected only to the following cities:

  1. Salt Lake City (Utah)
  2. Denver (Colorado)
  3. Minneapolis (Minnesota)
  4. Seattle (Washington State)
People living in eastern coast of India prefer to travel via Pacific route to either Los Angeles or San Francisco and then take connected flights via either Salt Lake City or Denver.
  • People living in western coast of India prefer Atlantic route (with one stop in Europe).
  • It is usually advisable to bring a medical Insurance from India as it is cheap and covers travel insurance as well.
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