Montana State University

MSU IT Center

Renne Library Commons
P.O. Box 173240
Bozeman, MT 59717-3240
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Chief Information Officer

Jerry Sheehan

Director of Planning & Programs

Anne Milkovich | M - F 8a - 5p | Renne 58 IT Accounting & Finance

The ITC Accounting group in the IT Center Administration office handles billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable for vendors and internal customers as well as internal budgeting and operations accounting.


Bills are processed on the second to last business day of the month. Statements are emailed the last business day of the month. To receive emailed statements instead of paper, please send the following information to :

  1. Index number to be billed.
  2. Email address to whom statments should be sent

For assistance with billing, accounting, or vendor inquiries contact our administration office or the accounting group directly at, 406-994-6848.

IT Infrastructure Capital Plan

The IT Center Administration office also manages the Montana State University IT capital infrastructure management program, an investment program that funds and supports capital investment in the build-out and upkeep of university IT infrastructure for the Bozeman campus as well as infrastructure costs shared among all campuses.

Contact the IT Center Administration office for information regarding IT infrastructure investment needs.