Exam Scoring Services

itcexamevalservices@montana.edu  994-5050 | M - F •  8a - 5p | Renne 51

The IT Center offers electronic scanning and scoring of OMR (optical mark recognition) exam forms for departments and individual instructors. Forms are available for purchase in the Exam Scoring office.

Scoring Procedure

  1. Purchase forms in advance of test as needed.
  2. Complete the Exam Scoring Request Form.
  3. Drop off the completed exams and request form in room 51 in the IT Center.
  4. Results are posted to Knox within 1 working day; instructors are notified by email.

Scanning & Scoring Fees

Setup $5 per answer key
Scanning 10¢ per form
Blank forms $75 per box of 500

Fees are billed to the department index number.


Results are available to instructors in any of the following reports.

  • Individual Student Score Report - a report for each student detailing score, mean, high & low scores, and questions missed [pdf]
  • Summary Report - a report listing student scores by name (with or without full GID/student ID) [pdf, xsl]
  • Class Statistical Report - a statistical report and analysis of class performance for each question on exam [pdf]
  • D2L (uploadable) file that includes student name and score [csv]