The resources provided below are to help you to keep your computer running safely and efficiently. For additional technical support please contact the UIT Service Desk.


Virtual Private Network [VPN]

A Virtual Private Network [VPN] establishes a secure connection between a remote location on a public network (e.g. your home computer) and a private network (e.g. MSU network) by encrypting the traffic between locations. Visit VPN for Secure Remote Access page for instructions.

Remote Desktop

Instructions for using Windows Remote Desktop to connect to a desktop computer or server from a remote location.

Ivanti (formerly LANDesk)

Information about Ivanti, the campus patch management software, that includes instructions for agent installation and agent-less inventory and vulnerability scanning.

Preparing IT Equipment for Disposal or Scrap

Information about preparing your IT equipment for disposal that includes free utilities available for wiping hard drives.

Password Guide

Frequently asked questions about good password practices.