Follow the instructions below to connect to websites hosted on webdev (

Account information

To set up a new website/account:
Submit a Web Support Ticket and address whether the request is to migrate an existing site into the CMS OR if it is for a brand new site. If requesting a new site please include the following:

  1. the URL you wish the site to have (e.g.
  2. the name of the site (e.g. My New Site)

To reset account password

Call the Help Desk at 994-1777 and ask to have your password reset on webdev.
Have your web account username ready when making the call.

Site connection settings:

  • Server/
  • Server/host directory:public_html
  • Connection type:SFTP
  • Account password:New password

Site connection setup instructions

Off campus access to site

To access the server from off-campus locations users will need to connect through the VPN. For more information see VPN - Secure Remote Access.