Spam Control

Spammers are crafty and continually finding new ways to infiltrate our inboxes. Taking a multi-pronged offensive at blocking spam can really help keep it under control. Below are some services and steps you can take that will help limit your spam intake:

  1. Greylisting is an opt-in service which, for most people, reduces spam significantly and immediately.
    To enroll send a blank email to with no subject or message text and no pre-set formatting.
    You will receive a confirmation message when your email address has been added to the service.
  2. Filter training -
    Forward any spam you receive not already marked *Potential Spam* in the subject line to This will enable us to train the filters on MSU's mail servers to recognize the email as spam. Training the filters requires seeing the same piece of spam, or markers within a piece of spam, several times before the score gets high enough to mark an entire email as spam. Once the filters have been trained, future emails will be marked with *Potential Spam* in the subject line.
  3. Set a rule to automatically remove *Potential Spam* -
    Set up a rule in Outlook to automatically move any email with *Potential Spam* in the subject line to the Junk folder.
    • To set a rule in Outlook 2010 or 2013:
      1. Click the File menu tab and select Manage Rules & Alerts (see image below).
      2. Click on New Rule.
      3. In the section Step 1: Select a template, click Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder.
      4. In section Step 2: Click the specific words link
        screenshot 1
      5. Enter *Potential Spam*, click Add (*Potential Spam* will move to the search list.) and then click OK.
        screenshot 1
      6. Click specified folder link. A list of Outlook folders will be displayed.
        screenshot 1
      7. Click Junk E-mail and then click OK.
        screenshot 1
      8. Now you will see *Potential Spam* and Junk E-mail in the rule description. Click Finish.
        screenshot 1
      9. Click Apply, then click OK.
        screenshot 1

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Your rule will be applied to every new message coming into your Inbox. Periodically check the Junk E-mail folder to make sure legitimate (non-spam) messages are not going there. Adding these legitimate email senders to your contact list will keep them out of the Junk E-mail folder.

Also, periodically right-click on your Junk E-mail folder and select Empty Junk E-mail. Messages in your Junk E-mail folder still count toward your quota until you empty it.

Please call the Service Desk at 994-1777 with any questions.