How to Find Your Mac's Computer Name, IP, and MAC Address

Use the instructions below to help locate the Computer name, IP, and MAC address on your Mac desktop or laptop.
FYI: The MAC in MAC address stands for Media Access Control and not Macintosh.

Please be aware that you can find this info in locations other than the one described here. Even more confusing is that often different names are used to refer to the same item. Be assured the information below is correct and it is the information being requested on the IP Request form.

To find IP address and computer name

  1. Open the Apple menu by clicking the Apple icon icon in the top left corner of display. Select System Preferences (see fig. 1)
  2. Click the Network icon (see fig. 1b).
  3. Make sure Ethernet (or Thunderbolt Ethernet) is selected in the left sidebar. Your IP address will be displayed in field on right (see red box in fig. 2).
  4. Click the Advanced button (see fig. 2).
  5. Click the WINS tab (see fig. 3). Your computer name is referred to here as the NetBIOS name. 
    See... confusing.
  6. Copy the NetBIOS name and paste into the Computer/Host name field on the form (see red circle fig. 3).

To find MAC address

  1. Click the Ethernet tab (see fig. 4). Your MAC address is referred to here as the Ethernet ID.
  2. Copy the Ethernet ID (see red circle in fig. 4) and paste into the Mac/Physical Address field on the form.


Figure 1.


Figure 1b.


Figure 2.


Figure 3.


Figure 4.