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and/or IP Address

Use the instructions below to help locate the Computer/Host name and MAC/Physical Address on your Windows desktop or laptop.

Please be aware that not only can these items be found in multiple locations on your computer but they are sometimes referred to by different names (than Computer name or MAC address) in those locations.

To find the Computer/Host Name, MAC/Physical Address, IP Address

XP users: On step 2 below to open a Command Prompt:
go to Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.

  1. Click the Windows 7 Start Icon image /Start button to open the Start menu.
  2. Enter cmd in the Search field (see fig. 1) and press return.
  3. A Command Prompt window will open (see fig.2)
  4. Type ipconfig/all after the prompt and press return.(see fig. 2).
  5. Locate Host Name (see red box in fig. 2).
    Enter it in the Computer/Host name field on the form.
  6. Go to the section titled Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection and find Physical Address.
  7. Copy the Physical Address (see lower red box in fig. 2) and enter it in the MAC/Physical address field ont the form.
  8. The IP address is listed as IPv4 address (see lowest red box).

Screenshot of Win7 start field Figure 1.
Screenshot of command ipconfig/all Figure 2.