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Chief Information Officer

Jerry Sheehan

Chief Security Officer

Rich Shattuck

Security Assessments

Security assessments protect departments from security breaches by

  • Ensuring that appropriate security controls are in place
  • Identifying risks and mitigation tactics
  • Providing guidance specific to department needs.

Assessments involve a review and discussion of processes, practices, and procedures in the areas listed in the table below.
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Assessment Areas

Data Storage and Sharing
  • Analyzing storage and file-sharing options
  • Support for locating sensitive information
  • Guidance on appropriate storage and sharing procedures
  • Assistance in moving data to secure file servers for safe storage
Web Sites
  • Reviewing web sites and web applications
  • Assisting with secure design and development
Server Configurations
  • Reviewing new and existing Windows and UNIX server configurations
  • Performing vulnerability management services
Desktop Wellness Checks
  • Assessing the security of departmental desktop and laptop computers
  • Recommending tools and procedures for improved protection