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I. Get WebDrive Registration Code
  1. Go to
  2. NOTICE: If you get a 500 Internal Server Error reload your page by right-clicking the page and selecting Reload.
  3. Enter your Net ID and password when prompted
    - don't forget MSU\ (fig. A.) .
  4. Copy the Mac Registration Code (fig. B.). You'll need it to register WebDrive in Step V.
II. Download WebDrive
  1. Go to
  2. Click Save File when prompted (fig 1.).
  3. Browse to WebDrive.dmg (downloaded file) and double click to open (fig 2.).
  4. Double click WebDrive.pkg icon to open WebDrive installer (fig 3.).
III. Install WebDrive
  1. Step through the Installer prompts (fig 4.).
    You will prompted for your Mac password to allow the Installer to make changes.
  2. Enter the password for your Mac (fig 5.).
  3. Click Finish to complete installation.
IV. Open WebDrive and Install MacFuse
  1. Open Applications and double click to open.
    If MacFUSE is not already installed you will be immediately prompted to install it.
  2. Click Yes to install MacFUSE (fig 6.).
  3. Click Continue to allow program to check if software can be installed.
  4. Step through MacFUSE Installer(fig 7.).
    Enter Mac password again when prompted.
  5. Click Finish to complete installation.

The WebDrive Registration window opens and prompts for Registration Code

V. Register WebDrive
  1. Click the Enter Registration Code button (fig 8.).
  2. Paste the code copied above into the field and click the Activate button (fig 9.).
VI. Add Knox folders to WebDrive
  1. Click New Site (fig 10.).
  2. Enter a Site Profile Name - this is just a label for your Knox folder (fig 11.) .
  3. Select Server Type: WebDav and check Use Secure HTTPS (fig 12.).
  4. Enter for Host Name (fig 13.)
    Check Use Default Port
    Enter just your Knox folder name for Initial Remote Directory
  5. Enter your Net ID and password (don't forget MSU\) (fig 14.)
    Leave Anonymous/Public Logon unchecked!
  6. Click Finish (fig. 15.).
  7. Highlight the Site just created and click Edit (fig 16.) .
  8. Click WebDav tab.
  9. Uncheck HTTP Keep-Alives box (fig 17.).
    Select Authentication Scheme: Basic
    Check Use Secure HTTPS, click Save.
  10. Highlight the Site and click Mount (fig 18.) .
    Your Knox folder is ready to use.