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ITCenter Home > Knox FAQ > Access Knox with Mac Finder How do I access Knox with Mac Finder

You access Knox by creating a server connection.

To create a server connection:
  1. Click the Finder Finder icon icon located in the dock.
  2. Click Go on the menu bar, then click Connect to Server (figure 1).
  3. Enter the address of your Knox folder in the Server Address field
    (example:    (figure 2).
  4. Click the Connect button (figure 2).
  5. The login window opens.
  6. Enter your Net ID and password (figure 3). Don't forget MSU\ before your NetID.
  7. The "Finder" opens with your Knox Folder displayed.

NOTE: If you just received permissions to access a Knox folder and are unable to login you may need to log out of your computer and then back in before trying to access the folder.

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