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P.O. Box 173240
Bozeman, MT 59717-3240
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Chief Information Officer

Jerry Sheehan

MSU Blackberry
Exchange Service

The IT Center provides BlackBerry users access to and support for syncing their devices to the MSU exchange server. ITC does not sell BlackBerries or BlackBerry data plans. 

Caution:  Do not sync the device yourself. The Help Desk must sync the device to the BlackBerry Exchange Server.
Please see the required check list below before contacting the Help Desk to sync your device.


  1. BlackBerry with an up-to-date operating system
  2. Exchange Server data plan (purchased from your mobile service provider)
  3. MSU Exchange account (i.e. an email address)

Activate and sync:Contact the ITC Help Desk at 994-1777.

Questions: Contact the Help Desk at 994-1777 or


  • Due to the increasing number of smart devices, the Help Desk can offer only limited support with BlackBerry models and features.
  • If your BlackBerry is lost or stolen, call the Help Desk to disable the device and remove sensitive data.