Dear Montana State University Faculty, Staff & Students,

The Information Technology Center will be consolidating its teams and occupying new office space in the Transportation & Systems Engineering Building, CFT5, located south of Bobcat Stadium at 2327 University Way. The move began on Monday, Oct. 17 and will be completed in early November.

The decision to relocate to CFT5 was made to increase the quality of space for the IT Center's staff while also increasing opportunities for cross-unit collaboration inside ITC. There are a number of research projects currently housed in CFT5, with the master lease for the building being held by the Vice President for Research and Economic Development. A strong strategic benefit of sub-leasing is that the funds ITC will pay for rent that will enable additional research investments to be made by the VPRED.

The primary customer touch point for the Information Technology Center will continue to be the User Services desk in the MSU Library. ITC will continue to have a substantial footprint on campus to support the University’s embedded physical IT infrastructure including networking, telephones, and the data centers.

Units Moving to CFT5:

Moving from the MSU Library

  • IT Business Office: Accounting, IT Purchasing
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure, System Administrators
  • Research Computing & Cyberinfrastructure
  • User Services: Desktop Computing Support & Marketing and Communication
  • Exam Scoring (Scantron Grading) and Course Evaluation Services (N.B. will not move until after mid-terms)

Moving from Montana Hall

  • Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Moving from Barnard Hall

  • Brightspace (D2L), Learning Management System

Units NOT Moving to CFT5:

Staying in the MSU Library

  • Networking
  • Telephone Services
  • Wiring
  • Service Desk

Staying in Montana Hall

  • Enterprise Services Group

Moving from A.J.M. Hall to the MSU Library

  • Instructional Technology Support

Process Changes:

The move will make minor alterations to some of our existing processes. We will be communicating specific process changes for services, such as Scantron Grading and Course Evaluation, in a targeted communication in November. Rest assured, your service will be minimally disrupted at a low impact time.

Please email the ITC Service Desk if you have any questions or concerns,


Jerry Sheehan

Jerry Sheehan
Vice President for IT and CIO
Montana State University
14 Montana Hall