Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students,

This week the focus of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is safe browsing.

Whether you are reading email, browsing the web, or keeping up with your friends on social media, there are many different ways that your computer and accounts can be compromised. Here are some suggestions to make your day-to-day online browsing more productive, safe, and secure.

  • Keep your browser software up-to-date: Be sure to run updates to ensure that your browsers and plug-ins are up to date. Mark a date in your calendar as a reminder to do this regularly.
    • Be sure to check:
      • Adobe Flash
      • Java
      • Browsers
  • "S" stands for secure: Make sure a URL begins with HTTPS before entering any personal information such as a password or credit card number. This "S" ensures that the information you enter is encrypted.
  • When in doubt, ignore: Don't click on pop-up windows or ads, and consider using a script or ad blocker if your browser supports one. More information on using browser script/ad blockers is available on the page linked to below.
  • Keep your private information safe: Use a strong, unique password (longer is stronger, include a mixture of symbols, cases, & numbers), or pass phrase for each account, and avoid storing account information on a website. Consider using separate browsers for sensitive logins and general web browsing.
  • Use private networks for sensitive transactions: Avoid checking your bank account, making purchases, or logging into other websites that include sensitive information when using public Wi-Fi.
  • Use stealth when browsing: Your browser can store quite a bit of information about your online activities, including cookies, cached pages, and history. To ensure the privacy of personal information online, limit access by going "incognito" and using the browser's private mode. See the link below learn how.

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