Continuing Transition to Office 365 as the Common University
Platform for Email & Collaboration

Dear Faculty and Staff,

During this academic year, Montana State University will be completing our campus wide transition to a common email and desktop collaboration suite, Office 365. Most faculty and staff were migrated during the last academic year, and over the summer all students were provided with Office 365 email.

Benefits of using Office 365 Email & Collaboration Tools

  • Improves collaboration between faculty, staff, and students at Montana State University and across all four campuses. All users have access to a common calendar, and a set of productivity and collaboration tools.
  • Increases the quality and availability of user support while also decreasing operational costs to provide support through having a common platform.

To gain access to Office 365 Email & Collaboration Tools

  • Your Office 365 email address has been automatically created for you. Sign into your account at
    • Email address format is
    • View your address in the User Information section at
  • To set your Office 365 email to be the address where University communications are sent, log into MyInfo, click the Personal Information tab/link, and select Update Email Addresses. Enter your address in the University Recognized (OFFICIAL) E-mail Address section and mark as preferred.

    Be sure to also update the online Faculty/Staff directory with your new address if necessary (
  • To download Office 365 ProPlus Applications, visit:
  • To move email and data from your MSU Google account, visit:

If you are currently using MSU Google Email or Google Apps for Education:

  • EMAIL: If you are using MSU Google email as your University business email, access will continue to be supported over the next academic year. You need to make no immediate changes. Communications will occur over the next semester about the continued transition to Office 365.
  • GOOGLE APPS IN THE CLASSROOM: If you are using Google Apps for Education in your course, all students will continue to have access to this environment during the next academic year. You need to make no immediate changes.
    • However, please email us at to learn more about comparable tools in Office 365 for future classroom usage.
  • DECOMMISSIONING SUPPORT FOR GOOGLE in AUGUST 2017: Beginning in August of 2017, the Information Technology Center will no longer provide support for Google Apps for Education. The domain will continue to be operational, but no user support will be provided nor will new students be provisioned Google email accounts.


Please contact the ITC Service Desk at or 994-1777.

Thank you,

The Information Technology Center