Student Email Changes

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As we continue our campus transition to Office 365, all students are now being provided with a mailbox on the new platform. New students were invited to set up this service as part of their orientation. Existing students received a communication prior to the start of the semester with instructions.

For this transition year, students (both new and existing) may choose to use either Office 365 or the current Montana State Gmail. We chose to support both systems this year to assure that faculty who were using Google Apps in classes would not be disrupted and to give students sufficient time to migrate any mail to the new platform.

Email Address Format Change

The format for MSU student email addresses will change:

MSU Google
MSU Office 365

Benefits of Using Office 365 on Campus

  • Encourages students to leverage the full value of their student information technology fee investment and gives students full access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office 365 applications.
  • Improves collaboration between faculty, staff, and students at MSU and across the MSU system with access to a common suite of tools, calendaring/scheduling, and a single address list.
  • Decreases operational/administrative support costs of maintaining two systems.

What to Expect During the Next Year

  • MSU Google email accounts ( will remain available to during the 2016/2017 academic year.
  • Information about using Office 365 applications in the classroom can be found at
  • Reminders about the transition will be sent during the academic year as well as next summer.

How You Can Help

  • Encourage students to use their new Office 365 email accounts as their official Montana State email.
  • Continue to contact students using the class lists on Sympa (listserv) as these lists are populated with students' preferred email addresses. Current email policy allows students to choose any address for delivery.
  • Remind students of University-provided Microsoft Office and where they can download the software:


Please visit or contact the ITC Service Desk at or 994-1777.

Thank you,

The Information Technology Center