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Successful Banner Hardware Upgrade!

Dear MSU Faculty & Staff,

We are pleased to announce that the Banner Hardware Upgrade was a success. Thank you all for your patience while services were down during the upgrade. All of the changes made over the past weekend improve the Banner environment and get us ready for Banner 9. We'd like to share with you the impressive list of upgrades that were included in this project.

Hardware ODA appliance migration
Creation of 2 guest VMs, config
OS migration RHEL to Oracle Enterprise Linux
Re-configure Banner RAC — ODABASE vs traditional
Core PL/SQL file I/O modules re-architected
MAPS Servers eVisions Intellecheck —New VM, Upgraded 3.x to 4.x
Argos/Form Fusion — New VM, upgraded 3.x to 4.x
Web Payment (tuition) RHEL 5.x to 6.x — New VM, migrated to Tomcat from JBOSS
PCI — SSL de-supported, TLS required
Oracle Oracle 11g to Oracle 12
SAIS reportWeb, securityWeb, Code Manager
Migrated to Web SSO/NetID
New VM, upgraded OS
Recode, refactor
Banner Web SSO enabled, old links still available
SSO manager installed
Upcoming: ESM, evaluation of existing MEP configuration
Database focus, middle-tier remains in tact
Guest VMs on ODA - jobsub segregated from DB
UC4 (Automic) Appworx Upgraded 8.x to 9.x
New agent installs on new HW and additional VMs for master components
Security fixes — JRW, compliant with Java 8
3rd Party Integrations Tested & verified over 60 third-party connections


If you have an issue with Banner or a Banner service please email

Please send questions to the Portfolio Management Office at

The success of this project would not have been possible without the many hours of collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork between the four campuses. A huge thank you to those who worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you,

University Information Technology
Four-campus ERP-Operations


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