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MSU Faculty, Staff & Students,

Recently, several campus members have reported receiving phone calls and emails that had the goal of getting access to computers or personal information and data through fraudulent means.

  • The phone call scam is perpetrated by a caller claiming to be from Microsoft support who sees that your computer is not functioning properly and needs to be scrubbed.
  • The email, in classic phishing fashion, asks for account verification by clicking a link that opens a spoofed website appearing to belong to MSU. The user is then asked to enter their username and password.

While these recent attacks are concerning, they are nothing new. Because of the regular attempts to trick members of the MSU community into giving access or information that we experience, UIT would like to take the opportunity to reiterate the following:

  • UIT will never request usernames or passwords in an email.
  • UIT will never ask for account verification information in an email.
  • Microsoft will never contact you directly and unsolicited about your computer’s performance.
  • Microsoft will never contact you on our behalf about an MSU-owned computer.

If you ever receive an unsolicited phone call or email you are unsure of, please contact the UIT Service Desk before acting upon it.

Thank you,

University Information Technology
UIT Service Desk
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