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Remember to continue your transition to Office 365

Dear Faculty & Staff Google Email Users,

This is a friendly reminder to encourage you to complete your transition to Office 365 if you haven’t already. As announced this fall*, we will be decommissioning support for MSU Google Email & Apps in August 2017.


If you currently use MSU Google Email or Google Apps for Education:

EMAIL: If you use MSU Google email as your University business email, support will continue until the end of the 2017 Summer term. You need to make no immediate changes. Communications will be sent thoughout this spring and summer about the continued transition to Office 365.

GOOGLE APPS IN THE CLASSROOM: If you use Google Apps for Education in your course, all students will continue to have access through the 2017 Spring and Summer terms. New students registered for 2017 Fall term will no longer be provisioned MSU Google email accounts. You need to make no immediate changes; however, you should begin planning conversion to Office 365 tools for the classroom.

To learn more about comparable tools in Office 365 for future classroom use, please visit or email

DECOMMISSIONING SUPPORT FOR GOOGLE in AUGUST 2017: Beginning in August of 2017, the Information Technology Center will no longer provide support for Google Apps for Education. The domain will continue to be operational, but no user support will be provided nor will new students be provisioned Google email accounts.


Contact the ITC Service Desk at 994-1777 or

Thank you,

The Information Technology Center

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