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Changes to Your Inbox

Junk Email Handling

The SonicWALL junk mail filter was removed today and you will no longer receive the associated daily Admin Junk Summary email message. Junk email is now handled exclusively by Office 365 and Exchange Online Protection (EOP), Office 365’s built-in spam filters. This change allows us to leverage the power of the data Office 365 gathers from all its users to fight spam and to simplify junk mail handling for you.

What does this mean for you?

  • You will no longer receive a daily Admin Junk Summary email message after today.
  • Unwanted email that is caught will be placed in your Junk Email folder in Outlook.
  • You can manage unwanted email (spam, junk, etc.) via Outlook’s Junk Email Options (Windows) or Junk Email Preferences (Mac).
    See links below to learn how.*
  • The Allowed/Blocked lists that you set up in SonicWALL have been automatically moved to Office 365/Outlook and added to your Safe Senders/Blocked lists.
  • If you have email in the Admin Junk Summary sent prior to August 10, that you wish to keep, please either unjunk the messages from the Admin Junk Summary or logon to before September 15, 2017 to retrieve it.
  • Check your Junk Email folder daily for messages misidentified as junk.

*Outlook (Windows):

*Outlook for Mac:

*Office 365 Email/Outlook FAQs

New in Outlook - Focused Inbox

Also new this summer is the release of Focused Inbox for Outlook. Essentially a renamed version and soon-to-be replacement of the Clutter folder, Focused Inbox splits your inbox into two tabs labeled “Focused” and “Other.” This allows you to separate more important email from messages like newsletters or vendor solicitations yet still have easy access to them. A notification is shown at the top of your inbox whenever a new message has been placed into Other.

Please note:

  • Focused Inbox (and Clutter) are tools for prioritizing email and not for handling unwanted mail, which should be done using Junk Email settings as described in links above.
  • Due to Microsoft’s rollout method, we are unable to provide a specific date when Focused Inbox will make it to your inbox.

Visit - ID0EAACAAA=Outlook_2016 to get answers to frequently asked questions about Focused Inbox, how to use it or turn it off, the end of Clutter, etc.


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