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NCSAM Week 3: Focus on McAfee


Welcome to the third week of National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Why McAfee?

This week we are highlighting McAfee antivirus. Most of us know about antivirus software and have heard people talk about its importance. It’s one of the critical tools we use to keep our IT environment safe – but do you know why?

In the first half of 2017 alone, there were over 80,000,000 new types of malware created and used. That’s over 400,000 every single day!  This malware was created to do things like steal your data and passwords, spy on you, encrypt and hold your data for ransom, or even completely hijack your computer to use it for criminal pursuits.

Antivirus companies spend their time identifying and studying these new types of malware to prevent them from infecting your computer. While no antivirus product will catch everything, and following best practices is always the best approach, antivirus software is a critical component to keeping your computer and information safe.

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