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Data Loss Prevention: IdentityFinder is now Spirion

On August 3, many of you may notice a change on the desktop of your MSU-owned computer. Our data loss prevention software is changing its name from Identity Finder to Spirion. The IdentityFinder blue hound dog icon you have become familiar with will be replaced with Spirion’s blue and black shield.

No action is required; this message is for informational purposes only.

Identity Finder is now Spirion graphic depicting company logos and name to illustrate change

IdentityFinder (soon to be Spirion) is software that routinely scans a computer to detect any personally identifiable information stored on it. The software’s purpose, just like the open-door indicator buzzer in your car, is to bring your attention to a concern, in this case, to data that needs to be stored appropriately.

We are all stewards of MSU’s data and keeping it secure is up to each of us. If you do not already have IdentityFinder on your computer and would like to have it, please contact your department’s IT support staff.

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To find out more about data loss prevention at MSU and about Spirion, please visit


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