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Cisco WebEx Browser Extension Vulnerability

MSU WebEx Video Conference Users,

A new vulnerability was just discovered in the Chrome and Firefox browser extension for Cisco’s WebEx video conferencing software on Windows computers. Cisco has now released software updates that address this vulnerability.

To protect yourself, follow the instructions below to update the WebEx extension on any browser you may have used to attend or host a WebEx meeting. If you have never used WebEx then you will not need to update the extension. Again, this vulnerability only affects Windows computers (PCs) and the WebEx Extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Update Instructions

The update instructions are also available at

Mozilla Firefox

To check version and update:

  1. Open the Firefox settings menu by clicking the 3-horizontal bar icon in upper-right corner of browser window.
  2. Click Add-ons.
  3. Click Extensions in left sidebar.
  4. Under Cisco WebEx Extension click the More link. The version should be 1.0.12 or greater
  5. Ensure that Automatic Updates is enabled.
  6. Back in the main browser window, click the cogwheel next to the search bar and choose Check for Updates.


To update and ensure the correct version is installed:

  1. Open the Chrome Settings page by clicking the menu icon (3 vertical dots) in the upper-right corner) and selecting More tools > Extensions.
  2. Check the Developer mode checkbox located near the top of the page across from the Extensions heading.
  3. Click the Update extensions now button.
  4. Restart Chrome.
  5. Return to Settings > Extensions (step 1 and 2 above), locate the Cisco WebEx Extension and validate that it is version is 1.0.12, or later.

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