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Cisco WebEx Browser Extension Vulnerability

MSU WebEx Video Conference Users,

A severe vulnerability was recently discovered in the browser extension for Cisco’s WebEx video conferencing software on Windows computers. Cisco has now released software updates that address this vulnerability.

To protect yourself, follow the instructions below to update the WebEx extension on any browser you may have used to attend or host a WebEx meeting. If you have never used WebEx then you will not need to update the extension. Again, this vulnerability only affects Windows computers (PCs).

Update Instructions

The update instructions are also available at

Internet Explorer - update add-on to latest version
IMPORTANT: The registered name of the add-on in Internet Explorer may differ depending on method of installation. You will see either Download Manager or GpcContainer Class.

To check the version installed:

  1. In Internet Explorer, open the settings menu by clicking the gear icon in upper-right corner.
  2. Click Manage Add-ons.
  3. Select All add-ons, from the Show drop-down menu (in left panel).
  4. Locate the Cisco WebEx LLC section and click on the add-on listed. It will be either Download Manager or GpcContainer Class.
  5. Validate that whichever add-on you have is as shown below:
    Download Manager is version 10031.6.2017.0126 or later,
    GpcContainer Class is version 10030.100.2017.0127 or later.     

To update:

  1. In IE, go to and log in.
  2. Click Start Meeting in your personal room. Doing so should automatically update to the correct version.
  3. To verify, go back to Manage Add-ons and check that the version of whichever of these add-ons you have installed is as shown:
    • Download Manager - version 10031.6.2017.0126 or later
    • GpcContainer Class - version 10030.100.2017.0127 or later

Firefox - update ActiveTouch General Plugin Container to version 106, or later

To check the version of the ActiveTouch General Plugin Container:

  1. In Firefox, click the 3 vertical lines menu bar icon in upper-right corner of browser and select Add-ons.
  2. Click Plugins in left side panel.
  3. Check that the ActiveTouch General Plugin Container is version is 106, or later.

To update:

  1. Open Firefox and log into to WebEx at
  2. Click Start Meeting in your personal room (or click home tab then click Start Meeting).
  3. Click download add-on and follow prompts to install.
  4. After your meeting starts you can end it.
  5. Repeat the steps above to check that the version of plugin is now 106 (or later).

Chrome – update Cisco WebEx Extension to latest version
To ensure the correct version is installed:

  1. In Chrome, open the Settings page by clicking the more icon (3 vertical dots or green up arrow), in upper-right corner and selecting Settings).
  2. Click Extensions in the left side navigation panel.
  3. Check the Developer mode checkbox located near the top of the page across from the Extensions heading.
  4. Click the Update extensions now button.
  5. Validate that the Cisco WebEx Extension is version is 1.0.8, or later.

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