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Stay Alert - Phishing Attacks Ramp Up During Holidays

The holiday phishing season is upon us and UIT would like to remind you to exercise caution when opening suspicious-looking or unexpected email messages and attachments.

While the ultimate goal of a phishing attack — to steal sensitive information or to trick you into opening an attachment that will then infect your computer — remains the same, the methods have become more sophisticated. Phishing attacks have become harder and harder to detect and appear legitimate, time-sensitive, specific to you. They can even look like they were sent from your friends and colleagues and recently we've seen many that appear to come from President Cruzado and campus leadership.

Be particularly suspicious of messages with

  • Attachments that appear to be a “holiday card,” invoice, or other important document, even if sender appears to someone you know
  • Any unexpected attachments that are in the common Word file type (.docx)
  • A request from a colleague to purchase items such as iTunes gift cards

See something, say something

If you receive a message or attachment you weren’t expecting, never hesitate to call the apparent sender to confirm its legitimacy. Additionally, please forward any suspected phishing messages to, and do not click on attachments or links until the message is verified to be safe.

While Office 365 blocks many phishing attempts, new ones do slip through undetected. Your vigilance and reporting help to protect the entire University.

Thank you for your continued attention and help,

University Information Technology

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