Montana State University

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Position
Vacancy Announcement
June 6, 2012 *Updated Additional Requirements*

Instructor (Pooled Position)
Department of Education

Search Number     1202-22

Montana State University seeks qualified individuals to provide non tenurable level instruction and/or related functions. Applications are accepted on a continual basis (unless otherwise indicated) and will be maintained in pool for two years. After two years, candidates need to re-submit materials for continued consideration.

The department or program search committees or hiring authority will review and evaluate the submitted application materials. Applicants will be notified if their application is being retained in the non tenure track faculty hiring pool.

Appointments are on a part-time basis and vary in duration, a couple weeks, a semester or an academic year, depending on the specific needs of the department/program. Salary is dependent on number of courses taught and duration.

Responsibilities may include: 1) Teaching on-campus or online courses, 2) Advising, evaluating and assisting students and/or 3) Curriculum and/or course development

We seek individuals who work professionally and effectively with diverse individuals, possess effective interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills and have the ability to contribute positively to the academic success of the students and the mission of Montana State University.

As a non tenurable employee, you may be eligible for benefits as outlined in the policies of Montana State University, the Montana University System and the AFMSU Non Tenure Track Collective Bargaining Agreement at


The Department of Education seeks course instructors in the following specialty areas:

  • 1. Teacher Education – Foundations
  • 2. Teacher Education – Elementary Methods
  • 3. Teacher Education – Secondary Methods
  • 4. Technology Education
  • 5. Educational Leadership
  • 6. Adult Education
  • 7. Higher Education
  • 8. Curriculum & Instruction

Minimum master's degree but terminal degree preferred in appropriate field with an academic background commensurate with teaching one or more of the specialty areas listed above.

In accordance with MSU policy, hiring will be conditional upon successful completion of a pre-employment background check.

This position MAY BE a Union position. Union membership is determined by the amount of work being contracted.
  • Any position working 50% or more is represented by the Associated Faculty of Montana State University (AFMSU). Faculty covered by AFMSU must begin paying either membership dues or representation fees within thirty (30) days of hire. This is a condition of employment. Additional information can be found at
  • Any position working less than 50% is not represented by the Union, and is not required to pay dues. If the terms and conditions of the hire contracts change, the representational status of this position could be impacted.

Send CV, identifying area of interest, and contact information to: EHHD Personnel Officer, College of Education, Health & Human Development, PO Box 172940, Bozeman, MT 59717-2940, email or fax 406-994-1854.

Posted Updated 11/27/12