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Industrial Organization

ECNS 406 - Fall 2014

Course Information

Instructor Information

  • Instructor: Jason Pearcy
  • Office: 304 Linfield Hall (Between the 3rd and 4th floors on the main stairway)
  • Email: pearcy.teaching[at]
  • Fall 2014 Office Hours:
    • Tuesday 2:15-3:00 in Linfield 304
    • Tuesday 3:00-4:30 in Linfield 206
    • and by appointment


Please read the syllabus.
Here is the first homework assignment which is due on 9/4: HW1.pdf
Please send me an email with ECNS 406 in the subject line (email address is above). This will be the email I'll use for any course announcements.
Here is the second homework which is due on 9/11/2014: HW2.pdf
Here are the solutions to the first homework: HW1-Answers.pdf
Here is the third homework which is due on 9/18/2014: HW3.pdf
The solutions to Homework 2: HW2-Answers.pdf
Here is the fourth homework which is due on 9/25/2014: HW4.pdf
Here are some old exams to help you review for your exam: OldExam1-1.pdf OldExam1-2.pdf OldExam1-3.pdf OldExam1-4.pdf
The solutions to Homework 3: HW3-Answers.pdf
Here are the answers to some old exams to help you review for your exam: OldExam1-1-Answers.pdf OldExam1-2-Answers.pdf OldExam1-3-Answers.pdf OldExam1-4-Answers.pdf
The solutions to Homework 4: HW4-Answers.pdf
For an additional homework assignment, I want you to submit answers for the exam questions you missed points on or didn't do. This is due by the begining of class on Thursday 10/16/2014. I'll post exam solutions after this date. Here are copies of the exams: Exam1.pdf
Here is the fifth homework which is due on 10/23/2014: HW5.pdf
The solutions to the exam: Exam1-Answers.pdf
Here is the sixth homework which is due on 10/30/2014: HW6.pdf
A list of topics we've covered since the last exam: Exam2Review.pdf
Here are some old exams to help you review for your exam: OldExam2-1.pdf OldExam2-2.pdf OldExam2-3.pdf OldExam2-4.pdf I'll post the answers later.
The solutions to Homework 5: HW5-Answers.pdf
Here are the answers to some old exams to help you review for your exam: OldExam2-1-Answers.pdf OldExam2-2-Answers.pdf OldExam2-3-Answers.pdf OldExam2-4-Answers.pdf
The solutions to Homework 6: HW6-Answers.pdf