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Jason Pearcy
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Ag. Econ. & Econ.
Montana State University
304 Linfield Hall
P.O. Box 172920
Bozeman, MT   59717-2920 USA


Tel: work (406) 994 5623
Fax: fax (406) 994 4838

Location: 304 Linfield Hall

Jason Pearcy's Research

I'm working on posting the papers online. In the meantime, let me know if you want a copy of a paper.


  • “Arriving in Time: Estimation of English Auctions with a Stochastic Number of Bidders” (with José Canals-Cerdá), Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, (2013), Vol. 31, No. 2, pp. 125-135. [pdf]. [Supplementary Appendix].
  • “Dynamic Pricing: When to Entice Brand Switching and When to Reward Consumer Loyalty” (with Yongmin Chen), RAND Journal of Economics, (2010), Vol. 41, No. 4, pp. 674-685. [pdf].
    • The technical appendix to the paper: Pearcy-Chen-DP-Appendix.pdf
    • Here are two Matlab programs you can use to easily and quickly replicate some of the results. I've also included the output from each program in case you don't have the required software. Each program requires Matlab with the symbolic toolbox running the Maple engine. Note that the newer MuPAD engine (R2008b onwards) is currently not backwards compatible.
    • To replicate Proposition 2 of the paper & Section H of the Technical Appendix: no_commitment.mno_commitment_output.pdf
    • To replicate Proposition 3 of the paper & Sections J & K of the Technical Appendix: commitment.mcommitment_output.pdf

Working Papers

  • “The Tangled Web of Agricultural Insurance: Evaluating the Impacts of Government Policy” (with Vincent Smith), [pdf].
  • “Tradable Pollution Permits with Offsets” (with Timothy Fitzgerald and Nathan Braun), under review. [pdf]
  • “Mortgage Moratoria: Buying Time or Delaying the Inevitable?” (with J. Michael Collins and Carly Urban), under review. [pdf]
  • “Actual and Potential Competition in International Telecommunications ” (with Scott Savage). [pdf], Previously circulated as “The Effects of International Simple Resale on Price in International Telecommunications Markets.” NET Institute Working Paper No. 09-19. Also available at SSRN.
  • “Bargains Followed by Bargains: When Switching Costs Make Markets More Competitive”
  • “The Competitive and Welfare Effects of Food Labeling Standards”
  • “Carbon Offset Use in the EU ETS” (with Timothy Fitzgerald and Nathan Braun)

Works in Progress

  • “Dynamic Pricing when Consumer Histories are Perfectly Observable”
  • “The Clustering Dilemma: Locational Choice With Co-locational Externalities” (with Erik Johnson)
  • “Technological Constraints, Quality Investment and Product Differentiation”