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Steven Kalinowski
Department of Ecology
Montana State University
310 Lewis Hall
Bozeman, MT 59717

Tel: (406) 994-3232

Conservation Genetics Course Homepage

Steven Kalinowski



Class 1: Tuesday Aug 27
Summary: Introduced class, reviewed basic genetics
Handouts: Syllabus, Genetics terms
Assignments (due Th): Read Ch. 1, Read Ralls et al. (1979) and Berger et al. (1990), be ready for quiz on genetics terms.

Class 2: Thursday Aug 29
Summary: Discussed papers
Handouts: None
Assignments: Population viability homework

Class 3: Tuesday Sept 3
Summary: Discussed papers
Handouts: Hardy-Weinberg problems
Assignments (due Th): Read Taberlet et al. 1997, Read Chapter 3

Class 4: Thursday Sept 5
Summary: Discussed first and second homework and Taberlet paper

Class 5: Tuesday Sept 10
Summary: Discussed inbreeding homework, genetic diversity, Hardy-Weinberg tests
Handouts: Spirit bears Hardy-Weinberg problem
Assignments (due Th):PVA Homework, Panther data file (to be opened by Vortex), Read Hoekstra et al, Read Chapter 4

Notice: I have installed Vortex 9.9 on a computer in my lab for students that need a computer to do this assignment. The comptuter is in AJMJ Room 24. The room should be open during normal working hours. I have left on a desk with instructions on how to run Vortex and open the homework data. Please email me if you have any questions, and please leave the lab as you found it so other students can use this computer. --Thank you.

Class 6: Thursday Sept 12
Summary: Discussed Hardy Weinberg and Hoekstra paper
Assignments (due Tues): Read McClean et al.

Class 8: Thursday Sept 19
Summary: Developed mathematical models of selection
Assignments (due Tues): Read chapter 6, Petrie 1994, Marshall et al. 1998

Class 9: Tuesday Sept 24
Summary: Discussed 3 selection papers
Assignments (due next Tues): Prepare for quiz on selection. Read genetic rescue paper.

Class 10:
Summary: Discussed mutation and gene flow
Assignments (due Thursday): Read Florida panther paper and weed dispersal paper.

Tuesday October 8
Summary: Discussed genetic drift
Assignments (due Thursday): Read whaling paper

Thursday October 10
Summary: Discussed effective population size
Assignments (due Tuesday): Read whaling paper, grizzly bear paper, New Zealand snapper paper

Tuesday October 22
Summary: Discussed inbreeding. Here is the handout (including homework). Here is the data you need for the homework.
Assignments: Prepare for quiz on Th. Be ready to discuss following paper on Thursday: Keller et 1994

Thursday October 24
Summary: Be ready to discuss following papers nextThursday: Ralls et al. 1988, Schiegg 2002, and this one

Thursday November 7
Summary: Discussed population structure. Here is the handout.
Assignments: Be ready to discuss papers on Atlantic salmon and Scots pine

Reading assignment for Nov 14
Human genetic diversity papers: Rosenberg et al., Manica et al., Novembre et al.

Reading assignment for Nov 19
Hybridization papers: Allendorf et al.; Campton et al.; Muhlfeld et al.

Reading assignment for Nov 21
Forensics papers:Whales; Elephants; Birds