Every experience, class or program influences leadership development. The MSU Leadership Institute provides students and community members with experiences that facilitate their own personal growth.

Over the past few years the Leadership Institute has provided the MSU students and the general public opportunities to learn about topics such as global warming, domestic terrorism and the politics of our society. Support from MSU alumni and other individual community members helps maintain and expand the leadership opportunities that are offered at MSU.

These funds are a welcome addition to limited funding through Associated Students of MSU and grants. The more support that is given through external funding sources, the more opportunities that can be offered to students. Your support ensures that the Leadership Institute can continue to offer leadership opportunities and expand on its services to students.

If you are interested in supporting leadership programs at MSU, please contact us via email at cmcspadden@montana.edu or send your tax deductible contribution to: Montana State University, Strand Union Building, Room 187, Bozeman, Montana 59717. 

Current MSU Alumni and Private Sponsors