Join us to learn about leadership and direct implementation of leadership skills through this engaging program. Free of charge for MSU students and registered student organizations, this multiple level commitment allows you to choose the participation level of mentoring.

“I was very moved, watching these American women who lost so much and their ability to think beyond their loss, their grief, to focus on someone else,”

“I decided it was time to stop thinking about fundraising and do something … Go big or go home."

Lynae Tripp, Creator of Frugal Fashionista, a clothing sale fundraiser for Afghan Widows 
Individual Mentorship Organizational Mentorship

The goal of the individual mentorship opportunity is to launch a student’s vision into reality. The MSU Leadership Institute will invest resources to assist in the creation process and provide a mentor who will guide the student through the implementation.

  • Student is assigned a staff mentor
  • Staff mentor and student work together to identify the vision of the student
  • Staff mentor guides student through building the vision into a tangible group, organization, program, or entity
  • MSU Leadership Institute may choose, based upon a formal request, to invest up to $500 in startup resources

The goal of the organizational mentorship opportunity is to enable organizations to foster strong leadership and organizational skills. The MSU Leadership Institute will provide resources that will enable the student organization to organically grow leaders who serve as catalysts for positive change within the organization and the world, local, and university communities.

  • Organization is assigned two staff mentors
  • Staff mentors provide organizational leadership trainings
  • Staff mentors provide “best practices” for various different organizational issues
  • MSU Leadership Institute will support organizational development and facilitate leadership trainings for the student organization
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