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Angela Des Jardins, Montana Space Grant Consortium/


Angela Des Jardins

Angela Des Jardins, a solar physicist by training, is the director of the Montana Space Grant Consortium (MSGC), director of Montana NASA EPSCoR and current chair of the NASA EPSCoR Caucus. Montana Space Grant and NASA EPSCoR are programs that work to strengthen education and research in Montana in fields related to aerospace science and engineering.

Des Jardins is proud to be a third generation Bozemanite who was able to follow her dreams of working for NASA while staying in Montana. Her mission is to use space and space exploration to ignite the human sense of wonder; to engage Montana students, teachers and researchers in aerospace activity, capitalizing on our inherent fascination with discovery and exploration to further the drive to achieve great strides in STEM fields; to conduct research in solar astrophysics with an emphasis on student involvement; and to cultivate a spirit of service.