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Nicol C. Rae

Bridget Kevane, Modern Languages & Literatures

Bridget Kevane is a professor in the Department of Modern Languages & Literatures and coordinator of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program. An active scholar and teacher, she was awarded the President’s Award for Service Learning in 2007, the MSU outreach award in 2008 and the Women’s Faculty Caucus Mentor Award in 2009.

Her engagement activities include Teaching in the Public Schools, a program started almost ten years ago where students teach 30 minutes of Spanish in different K-5 elementary schools), as well as Tias y Tios, an outreach program for the Latino community in the Gallatin Valley. Tias y Tios includes Adult ESL, after school tutoring, college workshops and more. Students are paired with a family for tutoring, social care needs or activities with Latino kids. She also independently does parent/teacher confidential translating for the ESL coordinator for the Bozeman school district.

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