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Hua Li, Modern Languages & Literatures

Hua Li

Hua Li is an assistant professor of Chinese and coordinator of the Chinese Program in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Montana State University. Her field of specialization is modern and contemporary Chinese literature. She has published the book Contemporary Chinese Fiction by Su Tong and Yu Hua: Coming of Age in Troubled Times, as well as journal articles on Su Tong and Yu Hua.

As a new faculty member she single-handedly established the China Studies Minor program, and has provided steady and effective support and service to the department, the college, the university, the Bozeman community and the field of Asian studies.

Specifically, she has been working with her students and volunteers in the Bozeman community to promote Chinese language and culture in Bozeman’s K-6 public schools. She reached out and shared her instructional and program-building skills in Chinese language and culture with the off-campus community. They hosted the Bozeman Mandarin Chinese Summer Camp, open to children ages five to 12, on July 23-27, 2012. With the support of the Bozeman school district and the principals of Longfellow and Morning Star elementary schools, and in partnership with Kidslink, they inaugurated their pilot afterschool Chinese class in Longfellow Elementary School in Fall 2012, and later added a class each in Longfellow and Morning Star in Spring 2013. They have recruited three MSU student volunteers to facilitate teaching in the primary school classrooms alongside the community-based volunteer instructors. Li and other volunteers will continue their work in this area during AY 2013-2014.