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Nicol C. Rae

Fellows in Engagement News & Announcement

A few new Politcal Science courses for the YEAR of Engaged Leadership:

PSCI 291-001 Prof Eric Austin: Civic Leadership and Deliberative Democracy

TR 8 am in ROBH 301

This course will substitute for PSCI 240 and 214 for POLS majors.
This section of PSCI 291is focused on the principles and practices of leadership in community level civil society and deliberative democracy initiatives. The course will have two objectives. The first will be to introduce students to the principles and practices associated with deliberative democracy, and second, to frame those practices within the approaches to inquiry and analysis used in the discipline of political science. The class will begin with a brief introduction to the political theory underpinning civil society and deliberative democracy, as well as a summary of the practices and approaches used in such community level initiatives. The remainder of the class will be structured around a series of issue-by-issue studies and experiences using iClicker technology as well as in-class and D2L discussions that engage students in the practices of and reflections about deliberative civic processes. The issues covered may include Education Reform, Political Redistricting, Land use (both use rights and takings protections), Energy development/Fracking and others.

Women's Center Sack Lunch Seminar:  Women of the World Unite to End Violence Against Women & Girls!
Wednesday,  October 30, 2013, 12 noon

Women have increased their organizing globally to end all forms of violence against women and girls at the grassroots levels, with arts and cultural resources, in solidarity with other women from the Global South, working through International NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) and the United Nations.  Given the numerous forms of and escalating violence against women and girls in the U.S. and around the world, women are stepping up to say NO, not in my name, we can find better ways to live free from violence and peacefully with one another!   Our goal in this lively, engaging, hopeful and interactive workshop experience will be to learn from and exchange with women organizing locally and globally about ways to prevent and end personal, institutional and structural violence that incorporate multiple, intersecting forms of discrimination.

Presenters will share strategies and solutions from 2013 UN Commission on the Status of Women meetings in NYC that prioritized ending violence to Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising Campaign; and current Legislation in the US and Internationally to prevent and address violence, featuring the renewed effort to ratify The Women's Treaty/CEDAW.

Jan Strout, a global women’s human rights advocate and educator, MSU Instructor in the College of Letters and Science, and co-chair of the US Women and Cuba Collaboration non-governmental organization, participated in the 2013 Commission on the Status of Women and other International Women’s gatherings.

El Cine Cubano Film Series kicks off on Sundays, September 22 and October 20 from 3-5pm                                         
Bozeman Public Library, Large Community Room

Join Gallatin Valley Friends of Cuba for a free monthly film series that will explore Cuba’s culture, music, ecology, history, people and relationships with the United States and globally.  Starting Sunday, September 22 from 3-5pm, we’ll screen Cuba:  The Accidental Eden, with discussion following.

This 60-minute documentary examines how, for decades, Cuba’s wild landscapes lay untouched while its Caribbean neighbors poisoned or paved over their ecological richness.  Now, with the growth of tourism and some opening to travel, Cuba’s priceless treasures are about to face an onslaught if the US trade embargo ends.  What will happen to Cuba’s stunning biodiversity?  Are there sustainable forms of tourist development in Cuba’s future?  And what can Montanans learn and exchange with our neighbor nation to the South?

The monthly El Cine Cubano Film Series will continue at the Bozeman Public Library Community Room on Sunday, October 20, with the screening of The Buena Vista Social Club.  A  beloved musical and cultural story of the re-discovery of Cuba’s classic son and folkloric musical traditions, Buena Vista Social Club also features the Grammy award-winning musicians and is produced by Ry Cooder.

Join recent travelers to Cuba who will discuss their experiences and share ways to see Cuba’s myths and realities for yourself.  Gallatin Valley Friends of Cuba is bringing together Bozeman area people who have or want to travel to Cuba as well as those who are interested in citizen diplomacy projects, people to people connections, possible Sister City and general education and organizing work.   Fundamentally, we are all about building bridges between the people of Montana and Cuba.  And promoting free exchange of travel and ideas between both the US and Cuba.

El Cine Cubano Film Series programs are free and the public is welcome.  Co-sponsored by the Gallatin Valley Friends of Cuba and the US Women and Cuba Collaboration. More information: